Our Services

One-on-One Tutoring

Kennebec Valley: $58/hour

Virtually all ages and subjects. Excludes AP classes.

Test Preparation and Advanced Courses


Kennebec Valley: $74/hour

AP & College Courses, Standardized Tests, and Placement Tests.

Small Group Review

$40-50/hour per student

College Counseling


Kennebec Valley :  $74/hour 

For our Southern Maine Clients, visit our friends at College Solutions.

FREE SAT/PSAT/ACT 30-Minute Score Analysis

This 30-min, complimentary, meeting is designed to help your family make an informed decision about standardized testing while easing common anxieties.  You will leave with a clear plan outlining which test is best for you, your test dates, and the number of attempts that make sense for your specific situation.  Call or email to schedule your 30-minute score analysis today.

Curriculum-Based Tutoring

The majority of the students of The Study Hall meet with their tutor to work on a specific class or subject.  When this is the case, The Study Hall works within the context of the student’s classroom experience.  We familiarize ourselves with the curriculum and teacher’s expectations in order to boost the student’s grade and confidence.  It is our goal to produce good grades and even better students!  Click here to read a first-person account of the day in the life of a tutor.

Standardized Test Prep

The Study Hall has helped over 2000 students prepare for virtually every standardized test.  We use material directly from the test-makers, resulting in the student becoming familiar and comfortable with the test.  It is our goal for each student to feel as if they have “seen” every test question.  If the student has experienced every question, they know exactly what to expect on test day.  See the attached PDF with a “typical” math SAT preparation program.  The program for other subjects, and tests, follow a similar format.

Additional Services

At The Study Hall, we pride ourselves in finding a solution for everyone that reaches out to us.  Sometimes that means we create a completely customized program for a unique situation.  Sometimes we simply find an outside solution.  Whether its credit recovery, trouble with “new” math, an unexpected extended absence, or some other need, The Study Hall is here to help!