Welcome to The Study Hall

The Study Hall serves hundreds of students each week in a variety of subjects for a variety of reasons. Most of our students attend one-on-one tutoring sessions at least twice a week. During these sessions, the tutor and student will work on the subject(s) that need(s) attention while following the school’s curriculum. It is our job to familiarize ourselves with each teacher and school in order to meet the expectations of everyone involved. The Study Hall can also customize the tutoring experience to fit almost any need. During the summer, we help students achieve credits through independent study. During the school day, we work with several home-schooled students. If you have a unique situation, give us a call. We specialize in finding solutions that are best for the individual student – just ask any of the 5000 students we have worked with!

1 Our students stay active in the community and promote The Study Hall. We love to sponsor sports teams and other groups.

2 Marci and Sara tutoring at our Rockport location. Rockport continues to serve the Mid-Coast community with great results.

3 The Study Hall has be serving the local community for 15 years.

4 The inside of our Scarborough location before all the tutoring begins. We can accommodate 20 students at a time in Scarborough.